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Jewish law teaches that a mezuzah has requirements when it has to be checked and examined if it currently still remains in its kosher status, as it was certified at time of purchase.
For example, a Mezuzah must be examined by a reliable scribe, at least twice every seven years - once every three and a half years. Temperature and weather changes, as well as age, may cause the ink to fade and crack, thereby invalidating the Mezuzah.
Checking a Mezuzah requires both time and patience to take it off the doorway, and take it to the Sofer to check, and then finally to put them back on to its correct place on the doorway, as the Halacha requires.
Click here to contact us to have a representative of Chabad make a house call, and visit your home to remove the Mezuzot. After a certified Sofer has scrupulously checked them, we shall return them to your home, and re-affix them to their original place.
If they’re Kosher there’s no charge for having them checked, if they need to be replaced, you can order new Mezuzot  here.